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Psychic Medium Parties

Psychic Parties are a great way to get your friends and family together for a night of pure fun! Each person will receive a 30 minute reading with the use of Tarot cards, Angel cards, Crystals, Runes and Automatic Writing. Christopher will read each guest in a private space, secluded from the rest of the group. A lot of sensitive information will come through during a session so privacy is crucial to protect you and the other participants. Also, this method allows Chris and the Spirits to speak freely. 

Christopher will connect with Loved ones in Heaven and deliver their messages to each participant. He asks each individual before starting if it is okay to tell them everything that he sees, hears and feels and will respect their wishes accordingly.

Guests may write down up to 10 questions prior to their reading with Chris. This is not nesacary but strongly encouraged. He does not need to review the questions before the session. In fact, most clients are amazed at how they are all answered by the end of their consultation! Bringing personal items and photographs may help to strengthen the connection while communicating with those in Spirit. However, they are not needed to do so. Chris asks that you do not tell him ANYTHING prior to your reading. This is VERY important.

* Readings are not allowed to be recorded.* However, Christopher may make exceptions for certain clients. If he feels that you are recording the session, the reading will be terminated and the next guest will be read. Taking notes during your reading is also highly recommended. 

At a typical Psychic Medium Party, most hosts/hostesses will have light food, beverages and a common area for guests to wait and share their readings.

How do I prepare my Home for a Psychic Medium Party?

Chris suggests ordering some pizza and asking guests to bring a dish and whatever they would like to drink. This takes the stress off of the one hosting the party! Let's face it, it's difficult to get 8 people together let alone cook and clean for everyone, etc.!

How do I book my Party with Christopher?

Four Hour Psychic Medium Party

8 People - 30 Minutes Each