Psychic Medium Christopher Trotter

Life Coach, Tarot Reader, Healer

Psychic Medium & Life Coach Christopher M. Trotter was voted by the public as one of the countries top healers. Since the age of thirteen, Chris has helped countless people seeking guidance. He has been sought out by people of all walks of life including, doctors, celebrities, actors, artists, nurses, teachers, corporate executives, engineers, singers, directors, producers, writers, professors and scientists, mothers, fathers, neighbors and many families around his local community to gain the clarity they are seeking.

Christopher has been gifted since birth with multiple abilities. Similar to watching the Long Island Medium Theresa Caputa on television, he is effortlessly able to deliver messages from those in Spirit with uncanny accuracy, finding fun and making friends along the way. With great compassion and a touch of humor, Chris humbly treats each individual with respect because each humans life on earth and in Spirit is as important as the next. To him, no one is higher than another. He sees people on their true Soul level and greets you with Love and understanding.

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