Professional Psychic Medium Christopher Trotter

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FaceTime Reading With Christopher

FaceTime readings are just as accurate as face-to-face readings and can be scheduled right away. To book a phone reading as soon as possible, please prepay by selecting a time option below. After, please text us directly at (INSERT) or email us with your current availability. We will work with your individual schedule to find the best suitable time for you and Christopher! Thank you.

It is very important that you write down specific questions prior to Chris calling you at your scheduled time. If you are looking to speak with Loves Ones in Heaven, please write their names down too. Having a quiet space available along with a pen and paper to take notes during your reading in also highly recommended. Christopher will immediately connect with your energy and Loved Ones in Spirit, providing you with information on all areas of your life. In addition to his spiritual gifts, automatic writing, crystals, astrology, tarot cards and angel cards are used in every session. Lighting a white candle and having personal items/pictures of your Loved Ones may help to make a stronger connection. However, this is not needed.

If you prefer a face to face reading, you may click here to schedule immediately.

<span box-sizing:border-box"="">If you would like to schedule a group party with Chris, please click here.

One Hour Facetime Reading

$200) Please click the button below to purchase your time. Write down 10 specific questions that you would like insight on. Chris will focus on these questions when he calls you and will provide you with all of the information that he sees, hears and feels.